Can tickets be picked up in advance?

Tickets cannot be picked up in advance. They must be picked up in person at the resort on the start date that is listed on the order confirmation.

A multi-day or X of Y ticket (e.g. "Crystal Mountain Two Day Pass" or “Sun Valley 3 of 5 Day Pass”) must be picked up and used on the start date listed on your order confirmation, however it will only have to be picked up once.

When purchasing multiple 1 day lift tickets, you will have to visit the ticket window on each start date.

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    donna jones

    are all multday tickets the same way.? only have to pick up once.? going to camelback. will my ticket say camelback two day pass?

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    Hi Donna,

    Yes all multiday tickets are the same in that they will only need to be picked up once.  Consecutive day orders of single day tickets may need to be picked up multiple times (e.g. single day lift tickets purchased for three days in a row) but a multiday ticket (e.g. "Camelback 2 Day Pass") will only need to be picked up once.

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