What documents will I need in order to pick up my lift tickets?

The Liftopia Lift Ticket Purchase Confirmation is e-mailed to you after purchase. If you are unable to locate your confirmation document, simply log in to the site using your user name and password. You will be able to access and print your confirmation from your account.

Please check your purchase confirmation email to see what you need to bring.  

For most resorts, you must bring simply your printed Liftopia Lift Ticket Purchase Confirmation and a valid picture ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) in order to pick up your lift tickets. 

Some resorts can redeem your order with your smartphone, and this is specified in the Product Details or Pickup Instructions. 

However, it is always safest to have a printed copy, even at a smartphone-enabled resort, to avoid delays or problems caused by dead batteries, signal issues, and so on.

If you are a teenager, and do not yet have a driver's license or passport, it is best to bring a school ID with you.  Small children generally do not need any form of ID to receive their tickets, especially when they are with adults.

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